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Work begins on day one,

and this is what we will do.



My plan for rebuilding this party starts with working with the new leader of the County Chairs Association to provide the support and training needed to sharpen the skills, understanding and savvy of our county party officers.
Then my plan calls for a compelling public outreach program guiding county parties and party volunteers to aid citizens, help them attain their voting IDs and get them registered to vote.

I have been in contact with a leader in messaging and framing, Scott Wittkopf. The plan is to work with and employ that expertise to set up message trainings all across the state and then provide sustainable support so that every legislative district has what they need to develop their messaging.
We will provide dollars and support for candidates.  I know how to use campaign dollars smarter, getting more results for every dollar spent.   Staff will outline the process and steps required to run for office, offer support and instruction to help create a budget and a plan to achieve those goals.
We must hire training staff to travel the state to develop, coach and mentor new candidates, campaign managers and effective volunteer staff at locations throughout the state.  Webinars, study literature will be made available online.
I will insist on having field offices in the four corners of the state to be open throughout the year, not just before elections.  The GOP never stops campaigning after an election and neither will we. By dividing the state into 12 regions based on state senate lines as well as smart geographical and political needs we will be in a position to go on the offense. It is important that these regions are led by your trusted and most passionate local activists. We will support those leaders with resources while covering costs. I have the most faith in leaders driven by passion and desire who’s first priority is winning back our state
 My plan will create a standardized but customizable, easy to navigate website template for all the county parties to use, with information updates, press releases, talking points and other pertinent information issued from party headquarters so everyone is communicating the brand, the values and the message in unison and in force.
I have experience at all levels of government.  From small business owner to town chair to community activist and legislator.  I have the experience, the people skills and a track record building consensus, getting legislation passed and getting things done.
And any leader worth anything knows that they cannot do it all alone. Recognizing that one person does not have all the answers; it is critical that the partners (staff) assembled around me are highly skilled and on the same dedicated mindset to reassert our progressive values into our everyday life in Wisconsin.
 I also bring a fresh group of engaged and progressive activists back to the party.  They are the ones who are ready, willing and able to activate, knock on doors, make phone calls, write letters and campaign to win elections.   And they will help build a stronger party than ever before.  Things need to change.  We need to re-embrace our progressive values, to re-engage disenfranchised and apathetic voters and give them something to vote for.  That is how we’re going to win elections.
So let’s get started. Roll up our sleeves, get to work and turn this thing around from the ground up!

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